An Artist’s Tale

When I paint flowers and landscapes, I don’t do preliminary drawings, but if you prefer to make them, that is certainly okay. There are also lots of new coloring books on the market for adults, and they are a good way to start if you are new to the hobby of painting. Coloring in a coloring book is a good way to help you start the layering of colors; also, it will help to build your confidence.

Throughout this book, you will find pictures that I have simply marked “Just for Fun.” These are pictures I have made when I have been out and about with my sketchbook and assorted pencils, going wherever the weather takes me because, when it comes to sketching outside, the weather is an important issue in England where I live. But if you do want to brave the weather, you may need to consider taking some bulldog clips to hold your work down.

Now, some of my pictures are of flowers and others are just from my imagination. Still others are very abstract. But I include them all just to show you that we can all be diverse. Also, you don’t have to know all the Latin names of the flowers, and you don’t have to be Picasso to become an artist. All you need is your imagination. So just have some fun and play around with shapes and colors.


Other Book

Damaged Mind

Female doctor Valerie is asked to see a mysterious patient named Aveling. When the young woman is first brought into her office, Aveling is bedraggled and wild. The guards warn Valerie to be cautious as Aveling has a tendency to run. Yet, Valerie is given no information about the girl, and the girl refuses to speak.

As time passes, a tape recorder becomes the doctor-patient connection as Aveling tells her story. Valerie knows Aveling has suffered some kind of trauma in her recent past that caused memory loss, and the more Valerie learns, the more horrified she becomes. How could someone hurt Aveling? She seems like an angel—although even the devil was an angel once.

Due to abusive seeds planted in her youth, this young woman has grown from sweet to murderous. Is Valerie too late to save Aveling from the monsters of her past? Perhaps, but the two women now embark down a dark road that could lead to healing or the things of nightmares.